Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Inspirational strategies

Today, I went skating on the ice of the lake Näsijärvi. It was cold, about -20C, but the scenery was lovely since the sun was shining for once. I wondered about the colours of the view. Why is it, really, that cold is always bluish, also in the colour principles? (We had some colour teaching at school last week. It is amazing what you can do with that stuff! Check Coloria.net for more info, even if it's in Finnish only.) Blue is also the colour of extreme heat: the blue part of the flame is the hottest, as are the blue stars, too. (Really blue stars are hotter than 30 000 K.) I guess the blue caused by the refraction is different than emitted blue, but it has to do with the spectral specifications of light, anyway. Cool stuff, literally speaking.

Nonetheless, it was very pretty scenery. I skated under the water vapour coming from Naistenlahti power plant. Under the cloud, the vapour deposited into ice crystals which then snowed over the ice causing some atmospherical phenomena. It all reminded me why I like cold so much. (As long as there's a place where I can get warm.) And it's pretty for inspiration, too.

Today's really been filled with colour after I changed my bed sheet into very bright lime green. I always slightly envy my friend's place. She's got a huge number of small, pretty and personal things which make her place feel more like home than anything I've ever seen. (Well, I must take in account that I've been roaming around the world for few years and still try not to keep too much stuff with me.) Today, though, I was happy after I noticed how nice my bed looks now. It's funny how little extra work like placing pillows nicely on the bed can make you feel so much more relaxed. Here's a detail:

On my bed

My Indian sari is in the background adding some colour to my room's blank walls. The beaver is my sleep companion I got when I was 3. The pillow is just one of four I've made during the past years. I tend to have fixations towards German bands...

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