Thursday, January 21, 2010

New beginnings

After blogging to Livejournal for several years, it feels funny to start a whole new blog in the blogosphere. Still, I find a need for it now. Last autumn I started studies in Tampere University of Applied Sciences (or TAMK) in the line of Interactive Media. I noticed quickly that my old blog felt a bit patched with my personal life and my student life all mixed up. So, with this blog I try to concentrate in the world of media and design, while my old blog at Livejournal can still fulfil its purpose as a window to my life outside school.

I hope I manage to use this blog also as a part of my portfolio, which can later work as an aid when I'm ready for working life. Since my degree in TAMK is conducted in English, I will also write this blog in English. The name, Beta Pictoris, is a name for a star in the Southern Hemisphere sky. Its spectral class is A6V (V being Roman numeral) and it lies appr. 63 light years away. It is specifically known for the protoplanetary disk surrounding it, even if the star itself is not very bright.

I've been amateur astronomer all of my life, and before starting my studies here in Tampere I lived few years in New Zealand. Most of my time I worked as an astronomy guide and I often pointed out Beta Pictoris from the sky. Thinking of new stellar systems being born even at this minute somewhere in the vast depths of our Universe always makes me want to reach for the stars and discover the beauty of imagination. That imagination is something I want to convey in my life and work, too.

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