Saturday, February 27, 2010


Phew, it's been a week since I updated this last time! I was having a short trip to Tallinn and having lots of things to think of. I actually took a false start to our winter leave, since it's starting now. Tomorrow, I'll drive to Turku. Hopefully I'll have time to do some school things during the week! (I'm hopelessly behind in some on the things and because it's been so eventful week now, I haven't even thought of doing them yet.:P)

Couple of weeks ago, we were talking about composition with our IMP Design club. I compiled a short introduction to some of things I've heard of with the composition. (It can be downloaded as a pdf file here.) I find the whole subject fascinating, it was one of the reasons I originally applied to TAMK. I wish I had some more time to get into it. But I'm far too organised just to browse through the things. I'm much better while doing some project work and learning the things for that. (E.g. putting that pdf together was quite a lot of fun!)

It's amazing how much one can tell with just the picture composition. The force lines through the picture, the golden ratio, colours, symbolism... And most of the people don't even know how they are manipulated while watching! I like the examples in that Kimmo Pälikkö's book I've mentioned before. It opened my eyes to see why many famous paintings really are so famous. We often think that people were somehow more stupid during the Middle Ages, but at least in the arts they seemed to master many things.

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