Friday, February 5, 2010


In this period, we are learning html coding. It's actually one of my favourite subjects. Looong time ago, I taught myself some basics in it. I didn't get very far, since e.g. CSS was quite new at the time, and I found it too challenging to learn. But I see now that I still remember quite a lot about the subject. I'm happy about that. (I have incredible persistence in certain things. I dwell into the subject for several hours a day. Some of the things I remember learning in such way are html and German language. I wish I could be so enthusiastic about everything. :P)

I don't really know why I like html, I guess I'm nerd enough. (Maybe that's become clear from my previous posts?) I like the organisation in the structure and the "code", when you need to code the special characters, like è, ë or €, into it. Maybe I have masochistic trait in me, huh? But I see every code as piece of art and sometimes I see the whole world the way John Nash sees it in "A Beautiful Mind".

We are still in the beginning of the course, lots more to learn. This weekend I'll try to recall my long-forgotten skills in the field. In a bit more than a month we need to present a self-coded website, so maybe I should start planning. There are so many different group works on at the moment, that I need to organise.

Today is 5.2., Runeberg's Day. For the date, I baked some Runeberg's tortes. It's an annual habit of mine. :) Omnomnom!

Runeberg's tortes

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