Saturday, March 27, 2010

Hour on Earth

The Earth Hour is still on for another 10 minutes. You know, the hour when people should turn off their lights and think about saving energy. In a way I find the idea cool, as an amateur astronomer I was against light pollution when I was 12. But I just can't quite get the idea what does it help if the individuals are being pushed doing it, when I look out of the window and see every street light on from here to eternity... (In Helsinki city center, they have a switch with which you could turn off every second street light from down town - I know since late 90s we were campaining for similar hour for astronomy. They just never did or do use it.) If every 10th light would be turned off from public lighting, no one would notice it. It has been tested in some occasions. So, one hour "darkness" doesn't really make a huge impact on me. But I do celebrate it my way, though, but using only one light at home now - and my iMac which is supposed to be really green when it comes to energy waste. :P

It's been a rough week in many ways, even if nothing much has happened. I've been pouring my creative energy into crafts like someone who is bailing out water from sinking boat. I finished another Rammstein pillow and am doing the last one like crazy. On Monday, I need to order some more thread for that again. (It's amazing how hard thread is to find! I'm happy I finally found a shop where I can order it from relatively easy...) Of course I should have been learning some coding during this weekend, but I just haven't had the strenght. I've needed to keep my mind in something simple but creative and not to think too much. I'm still also a bit ill, so I guess I shouldn't bother myself too much, because I have to work during Easter.

I managed to finish the painting I've been doing lately. Acrylics on canvas. This is why I love astronomy. It is so inspirational and breathtakingly beautiful. All hail the Helix Nebula, NGC 7293!

Helix Nebula


  1. DYYYYYDDD!!! It´s awesome! Tuollaisen voisin ottaa isompana tahi pienempänä omallekin seinälle. Valokuvat on niin nähty ;)

  2. oh breath taking. joku pinkki sumu vois maistua mulle. VOIOVVOI noi tähdet tuossa ja ah niin kaunis. Eka sä oot mieletön. MIELETÖN!

  3. kele. kirjoitin kommentin ja meni pois. tee pinkkisumu liian väsy muistaa mikä olis moinen mulle niin saat suukon.
    tuo on niin jumalaisen hieno. siis niin mielettömän hieno. Mä en ikinä osais vastaavaa maalata vaikka haluaisin. UPEA breath taking.
    Muistan kuinka joskus vakaasti ajoin valosaaste juttuja. tuntuu turhauttavalta kuinka nyt siihen ns herätty ja mitä tehdään - pistetään parista monumentista valot pois. Ja nyt jo uutisoidaan kuinka earth hour tappoi jonkun kevarikuskin...voi kristus.

  4. Heh, kiitos! Pidän sitä paitsi tuosta blokista livenä enemmän, jotenkin kolmiulotteisempi. :)

    Muistatteko ne ite tehdyt T-paidat kun meillä joskus oli: "Muista tähtiharrastajaa - sammuta valot"? Vuosi taisi olla 1997. Toi Earth Hour on niiiin vauvanvanha ajatus... ;)