Sunday, March 14, 2010

Pi Day

Just as I was talking about science in my last entry... Today is the international Pi Day, since in America they write this day as 3/14, and of course that reminds people about Pi, which is 3.14159........ Last year I already celebrated the Pi Approximation Day, which is 22/7 (22 divided by 7 is closest date there is to the Pi Approximation).

So, of course I just had to bake a Pi Pie for to occasion! Happy Pi Day, everyone!!!

(For the record: According to tests I'm 74% nerd, 74% geek, but only 30% dork. 1337!!1)

1 comment:

  1. I've never heard about Pi Day because in Korea and Japan, as far as I know, 3/14 is called White Day. I don't even know why I and people have been calling it as a White Day. haha.. I need to google it. anyways I just think Pi Day makes more sense than White day though. :) BTW your pie is so cute and has depth. love it!