Sunday, August 15, 2010


I finally managed to finish one of the acrylic paintings I've been doing for some time. Well, I haven't actually haven't done it, it's been laying around half-made for ages. But one evening I actually felt like continuing it and painted the rest of the stars in the globular cluster painting on the left in the picture. I thought it wouldn't turn out very well, but it looks ok to me now, after all. Maybe I should start doing these for sale... ;)

I even bought an acrylic finish to coat the paintings. It cleared the colours a bit. Can't wait to do more!

47 Tuc and Helix paintings

I managed to move to another flat. Here I'm even entitled to hit nails to the walls, so the place looks pretty decent already. It's a very pretty house from the early 19hundreds, so the rooms are nice and high and there's even a roof terrace. :) The school will start in the end of this month, so we'll see how the new semester will look like.

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