Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Last weekend, our class spend few days in Graz, Austria. This trip was part of our Networked Media Culture course. The reason why we travelled such a distance was that Graz hosted Europrix festival. This festival is an annual event and it is open for the young media talents of Europe. There are several different categories to enter and the competition is hard.

Since we have talked a lot about the festival in one of the other blogs, (my Blogger account starts to be a bit confusing, I wish we wouldn't open another blog for every course...), I won't go too much into detail here. Just to mention that I enjoyed the trip quite a lot! It was nice to get to speak German again (and not to slip talking English), to see the beautiful city in beautiful weather and to relax a bit. I got tons of new ideas and I finally found out what I am actually studying (it's been a bit of a question mark for me until now). :)

I really wish I could do that trip next year, too! Here's a photo taken by one of my classmates, Miska, from an evening event hosted by the local broadcasting company ORF.

IMPs at Europrix

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