Saturday, November 20, 2010

Handicraft fair

This weekend is one of the best weekends in the year, because Tampere hosts Finnish Handicraft Fair in Pirkkahalli. I was there last year for the first time and I was washed away by the multitude of handicrafts, creativity and pure fun the place has to offer. Of course there are always plenty of people, but it doesn't bother me at all, since everyone seems to be having great time! I always get loads of ideas and feel a bit envious about the abilities some people have... And I also always end up buying something. This year, my mom joined me and she was quite amazed, too, by the fair. We both agreed that it is the best fair in the country, because it's so diverse - and still everything has to do with handicrafts. E.g. the International Book Fair usually starts to repeat itself when you walk around, that's not the problem with this one.

Anyway, I highly recommend. This year I ended up buying a temple (the thing which keeps the cloth stretched in the loom) and some fabric you can print on. Most of the time I urged my mom to buy stuff, mostly Christmas presents. :) Here are few picks of my favourites:

Latimeria's wrist bands. I'm a really bad person to buy a gift for, since I don't feel like needing anything and I'm really picky about what I buy or use. That's why quite often the gifts I recieve will end up in some corner unused. I'm also extremely picky about the jewellery I use (I hate gold, brushed steel is my favourite), so it's very rare that I ever find anything I fancy. These are really pretty though, but I'm a bit dubious that they would suit me, since they are so broad and my wrist is quite thin. :(

Sammallammas foxes! (Okei, Senni, säästit mielenrauhasi olemalla kotona. :D) They had apparently a new design, too, since it's not in the homepage yet, but they had on sale BLUE FOXES! Cutest things ever! (Well, I guess this doesn't open to everyone, mainly only those who read the book called "Ainakin miljoona sinistä kissaa" when they were kids - and those who adore foxes. Like S.)

Anna Pusu Design's glass droplets. I saw them in the fair last year, too, but I forgot the name and tried to look for them frantically but couldn't find. This year I didn't make the mistake. :) These glass pendants are just awesome, but you really need to see them live, since they only sell them with the pics you can load there in their webpage... But in the fairs they have a huge collection of really cool pics, like Marilyn Monroe, James Bond, Suursyömäri (from Käytöskukka!), Uuno Turhapuro, Kekkonen, Audrey Hepburn, Princess Leia (well, not this year anymore), Donald Duck... Well, basically anything you can imagine. Pretty as hell! ;D

So, all in all very pleasant experience. Now I can go back to feel sick. I (like apparently many other classmates, too) caught a cold from Austria. Makes your head hurt. :(

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  1. Noi käsikorut on upeita. Pusun koruja katellut jossain turussa - oli princess Leia korvikset mutta ei ollut silloin just varaa hankkia. harmi. Hienoi settei.