Friday, November 19, 2010

Jigsaw puzzles!

Ok, I should never go shopping when I feel the spree coming. :P I wanted to buy a couple of the advent calendar Christmas cards and ended up coming home with piles of stuff. Well, what can I do if there are huge piles of jigsaw puzzles in the shop! Especially if one design has some astronomical pics in it... So, those of you astronomically inclined, how many of the objects can you recognise in this pic? And I mean honestly, it's not enough to say "I know that some of the moons of Saturn are Dione and Rhea", you need to really recognise them from the features. And you are not allowed to use books or other aids. (It helps to see the real package, sorry;).

Astronomy jigsaw puzzle by Educa

I think I got as far as 29. Fun, though.

I'm still in search of some of my old jigsaw puzzles, they have disappeared at some stage while I was moving my stuff around when living in NZ. :( They were really dear to me so I'm devastated that I haven't been able to find them... One of them was the old star chart with 2000 pieces, one was a pic of a sunset over the ocean, also 2000 pieces (I was rather proud when I got it done!). The one which I never had time to finish was the 3000 piece one with a pic of some mountain range. And there were a few more, too. I still have some slight hope that they might turn up one day...

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