Thursday, November 4, 2010

Oven mittens

I've been pretty busy with my Tähtipäivät project, writing project plans and stuff for school. (I guess I'll write more about that later here.) So, not much time for anything else, all that jazz has made me tired.

My friends had their birthday yesterday, we went to have fun in some cultural activities (theater, that is). "Hamburger Börs" in Turku city theater was quite a lot of fun. Should be doing more of those... As I've known my friends for such a long time, it feels stupid to buy anything for them as birthday presents. I hate everything that's been given only because it is expected. That's why I try to make as much by myself as possible, or give experiences. This time I crafted two oven mittens for my friends, since I found suitable coloured yarn in my closet. (It's great to make a small inventory there occasionally, I always get ideas.) Turned out quite ok. :)

Rammstein oven mittens