Sunday, November 7, 2010


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I'm completely hooked on the Flash games by Mateusz Skutnik. I like point-and-click puzzle adventure games much more than anything else (I hardly ever play anything else), and these I consider to be the elite of them all. Especially the Submachine series. The atmosphere in them is enchanting, the music captivating.

I like the way Skutnik is capable of keeping the overall feeling throughout the series, also Daymare Town is a good example. There is a Game Design course going on at school (which I unfortunately had to skip since I just don't have enough time), and they were talking about how what you can do in the game is not as important as what can you feel in it. Spot on. I would love to create something similar one day... Maybe when I would have time to learn Flash better? (Bloody ActionScript 3, I hate coding. :P)

Submachines and other stuff you can play here.


  1. Something completely different, but still similar in some bizarre kind of way, Notpron:
    Read the hints & tips on level 2, that should get you going.
    I think school should reward students who manage to solve notpron on their own, there is so many different kind of puzzles in it.

    Warning, could be very addictive if/when you find out the "catch" of it !
    -Don't blame me for sleepless night from now on, you've been warned. Once again.

  2. Kehkeh, I used to play Notpron quite a while ago, I probably shouldn't say this, but the idea of the task track I'm going to do to Tähtipäivät is based loosely on it... At least difficultywise. :P

  3. Teaser !
    How one should be able to wait for that 130 days or so...
    -Well, good things are worth waiting for (won't make it much easier though).