Monday, January 10, 2011


Let's get it straight, I am slightly animistic. (And not even ever so slightly...) Especially everything industrial makes gets me wondering, how human things might feel. I think one of my first post in this blog was about powerlines and their beauty. I'm not into robots, though, traffic lights are enough for me.

Traffic lights in action

Driving in the night through a city makes me always think, how dutiful the traffic lights seem to me. Red light is like a miniature Mordor Eye, which ravenously keeps guard over the hapless cars. When yellow comes in, the red suddenly loses focus and manages to look embarrassed, like it would be blinking and explaining why it was looking so nasty in the first place. Green, on the other hand, looks like a talking mouth, blabbering "hey, guys, you can go now, c'mon, I don't have the whole day, guys! Gee, what's that piece of shit you're driving?". Yellow alone looks like a police which shuts the green's mouth and claims that there's nothing to see here and that people should disperse and go home before the force is needed. And then it starts all over again. (Yes, I really think of these things pretty often when I see traffic lights in the dark!)

And what about the speed limits, then?! (Come on, how many of you have ever thought how personal numbers look like?) Often when I see 50 km/h sign, I think about somebody, who has been doing his nine to five work for 40 years and is a bit of a nagger and is frowning while looking at the passers-by, just in case they are speeding. 60 km/h feels apologetic, looking slightly sad but dutiful.

Apologetic 60 kph

70 km/h is like an old spinster, who thinks she's posh, since she can let people drive a bit faster than 60, but not yet 80. 80 km/h itself looks quite serious, like someone who takes his duties gravely, but doesn't get much fun out of it. 100 km/h looks surprised, like someone who has just noticed that she's actually very pretty, but doesn't really know how to take it. And my fav 120 km/h, who always looks very enthusiastic and sprightly, like a laughing swan.

I noticed in the beginning of this year that I truly like how 2011 looks like. It's not as steady-looking as 2010, there's more jaunt in it. For me, it looks like number 2 is leading the outing and the 1s in the back are trying the keep up while chasing butterflies. No, don't ask me. I have no idea where these things come to my mind. :P

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