Friday, January 28, 2011


I've been ranting on before how much I love the chaos theory. I saw a documentary about it in the 80s and been completely captivated ever since. :) In this documentary, they showed how they connected a videocam to a tv and shot what was visible in the screen. Because it takes a fraction of the second for the image the reach the tv through the cable, the image stood never still and created some weird unpredictable patterns on the screen. It was awesome, but we never go it working ourselves.

Last week, I bought a video camera for myself to see what I can come up with it. Today I decided to give that old fling a try. I had some great great time playing with the thing, here's a short example how did it look like... Chaos theory still proves itself, since I have no idea how those patterns are forming! :D Awesome!

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  1. Nice phenomenon indeed !
    If you want to dig deeper, I think it's called "optical feedback". (The same thing that you may have been experiencing during a gig, if (when) somebody (usually a wandering guitarist) gets too near the speakers.

    About the chaos theory, have you ever seen the movie "Pi" of Aronofsky ? Kind of a "love it or hate it" -movie, not an easy one anyway but umm.. chaos, numbers, patterns -fits to your subject!
    However, if one's mostly a "romantic comedy -type", one shouldn't bother.

    Anyway, have fun experimenting with your new cam !