Thursday, January 6, 2011

Christmas presents

People can find it really hard to buy presents for me. I hate things I can't really use and I usually like to buy the things I need by myself. And because I still value the gesture more than the present itself (at least most of the time), I hate presents that are been bought to me on the solid reason that it's my birthday/Christmas/whatever annual/centennial/once in a lifetime celebration. I'm not really materialistic, so I want to keep my stuff as minimum as possible. The only good choices about presents bought to me are books (non-fiction), gift cards, self-made gifts and something that I can use.

Me and my friends got a Christmas parcel from our friends in Germany. It was filled with goodies like biscuits and stuff and we were all really overwhelmed about such a surprise. I always find it amazing how some people can be so like-minded that they guess almost instantly what amuses me/us. :D They even have the same kind of humour as we do...

DDR shower liquid

Erich's (! :D) luxus body wash
"To be used primarily by the working class, comrade farmers and (in special cases) relatives in BRD. ... Is worth of two bottles of tomato ketchup, one banana or one half of a windshield wiper in street market."

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