Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Life drawing

Our school has quite many courses to choose from. During my first year I went to the classes of life drawing in the art section. I used to do that when I was living in Turku, I was in an evening class and I had a fabulous teacher. She taught me to really observe the models and pay attention to certain things. That's why I was happy to continue that hobby here in Tampere, even more so thinking that I can get study credits from it! :)

I got a bit tired of drawing every week (it can be really demanding, since you need to concentrate so thoroughly) and skipped a bit too many times last spring. That's why I'm in there again to do few more sessions and gain my study points. The teachers in the school are nice and fair, so it's soothing to go there.

I'm doing so many things right now that it was a good idea to go to that class today, the first time in almost a year! The concentration helps me to disengage from my thoughts, which can be a bit overwhelming at times. And I like to notice that I'm still able to keep my level. I'm not a fan of croquis drawings, but longer poses I like to draw. This one I made today with 3 x 20min.

Life drawing

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