Sunday, January 2, 2011

Same shit, different programmes

I was thinking about my past life (nice way to put it) over the last days of 2010 and browsing through my computer checking some of the old files from my previous comps. I was giggling over some of the old writings, gee I used to write some amusing stuff... (Some of it was actually quite nice, too. Hehe.) I got my first PC around 2000, but I can't quite remember the year. (My first computer was a C64.) Nowadays, I think I was extremely young those days, living in my own world, being afraid of growing up. (I guess I still am, to both, but nowadays I don't see much wrong in that anymore.)

Still, in the beginning of the millennium I was drawing pics like this:

Drawing from around 2000

These kind of images were illustrations of my inner world and stories that I invented in my mind. I wanted to be somekind of artist or writer to get all those ideas out of my mind. Not much has changed, nowadays the ways are just more sophisticated?

It was actually pretty amusing to notice that I haven't really evolved anywhere, since I had just started to play with PhotoShop to draw something like this:

Drawing from around 2010

:D So, same shit, different programmes. I guess I'll just stay childish in this sense for the rest of my life, seeing things and stories around me and living in some kind of unreal world. It's not so bad, after all.

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