Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Saturnian reality

Ok, I don't normally post unfinished works here, but I did some painting earlier today and now this thing doesn't give me any peace.

Saturn painting

When I start painting, I don't usually plan the composition in advance - I see the way how I want it to look. When I started painting this, I was mildly worried about placing the edge of the ring almost exactly in the corner, but was too lazy to think about it any further. After painting happily away for some time, I remembered that I probably would need to add at least one moon in to the pic, even if the only place for one would be in the tightest corner.

Still, after all and everything, I find the final composition extremely intriguing! When I take a look at this painting I need to give it another glance after some time and then I end up staring at it for minutes. Maybe the slightly weird (but still somehow balanced) composition makes it more real-looking, I don't know. But I really like the graphical feeling in it. Woah! :D

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