Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Solar eclipse

This morning, a partial solar eclipse was visible in Finland (except in Lapland where there's still "kaamos" - the time the sun won't rise). As typical, they had forcasted thick clouds for the event. (With about 95% probability there's always rain/clouds when there's some heavenly incident.) So I hadn't really even prepared. I've seen quite a few partial eclipses during my years, can't even remember them all anymore. And after Turkey 2005 with the total eclipse, well, parial ones are just not terribly interesting... But when I left home to go to library and then to school, I noticed that surprisingly the sun was shining to the wall of one house. (It was really low in the horizon, since, hey, it's winter!) So, I turned around to pick my eclipse shades, just in case. Then I had the idea to go check if it would be visible from our roof terrace, even though I started to be a bit in a hurry to school already. I went up, stared at the scene in amazement, forgot totally about my hurry and rushed back to get my camera.

I only have a small digital pocket camera I bought last year (when my old one got broken after falling to the deck of the ship we were travelling back with from Rammstein concert in Tallinn last February), so I knew I couldn't really dream of very good photos, a) because the camera doesn't have very good zoom and b) it doesn't have any solar filters plus c) since my flexibility was limited in our roof terrace only I couldn't compose the image much at all. But I happened to be extremely lucky. The stage was set almost perfectly for me:

Solar eclipse 04012011
(Click the image to get it a bit bigger)

:D Awesome! And I managed to get to school in time, too.


Btw, the application period to our degree programme has started! If you are interested in any of the stuff I'm talking about in this blog (well, school related anyway), you should
check the pretasks and application process in the Media blog. Maybe I'll see you in school next year? ;)

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