Wednesday, March 2, 2011


I haven't been able to finish too many things since there are quite a lot of fuzz going on with Tähtipäivät. I also had a short holiday, which did help me relax a bit. (Organising big events are dangerous for my perfectionism inclined attitude.:P) Still, I guess and hope that I'll be able to finish the things in time and have fun in the event, as well. :)

I've been having fun with the editing programmes in that CS5 package I mentioned in my previous post. I guess next big buy will be bigger computer for the proper video editing... XD We'll have some lessons about After Effects at school soon, I hope I'll have time to attend to few lessons, since I'll be pretty busy with other stuff, too.

Next Tuesday I should try to print a bigger version of this constellation puzzle I've been working on. It's funny how challenging it seems to be, even if all the constellations are so familiar! Great stuff, though! :D

Small constellation puzzle

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