Thursday, March 10, 2011

More prints

 Väisälä exhibition

I've got a new love: the big Epson printer downstairs in our school. For Tähtipäivät, I've also put together some stuff about Yrjö Väisälä, one of the most famous Finnish astronomers (and telescope builders and geodetics) of all time. This year is his birth's 120th anniversary and his life is one of the themes in Tähtipäivät. Originally I got the idea already years ago, when I visited Tuorla, the observatory he built. I was unhappy to see that everything one could read about Väisälä's achievements there were a couple of articles clipped from magazines on the wall of one of the domes. That's why I wanted to make something more tributary about his life for Tähtipäivät.

It took me quite a while to investigate his life and put these things together. It also took me some time to figure out how the interference comparator works and draw the explanatory image. And it took me some time to get the pictures from Tuorla to use with the exhibition. When I did the test prints, the small printer printed some stupid boxes around some of the transparent images. I did the best I could, but was a bit doubtful how it would turn out with the big printer.

But Epson did it and the boards came out just great! I am hugely relieved. :)

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