Sunday, May 1, 2011

Orientation tactics

After the first few weeks the life in Hamburg is starting to make sense to me. :) There are still many things I need to fix, but I try not to stress too much about them. (Even if I'm constantly feeling being late with the deadlines for some things at school.) But life is for living, so I don't care that much. I guess some people start to call me reckless soon. But they don't know. :D

During the Easter I went to Berlin with my friend. We visited Potsdam, too, and found an art automat. (Unfortunately I didn't take a pic of the automat itself.) It was hilarious, since with a couple of Euros you could obtain your small piece of art. The vending machine itself was made of an old cigarette machine. Great idea, all in all!

Art from a vending machine

"Warning: This art can confuse, light up, upset and be addictive! About risks and side effects ask yourself and write the answer to us. No further liability is acknowledged. The art inside is packed by the artist. All packages are unique. This one belongs to you now."

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