Saturday, July 2, 2011

MK et G

Yesterday, I spent most of the day in Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe Hamburg. I had noticed that there was special exhibition about Graphic Design in the Art Nouveau and I absolutely wanted to go to see it. (I normally leave that kind of things too late and miss the whole thing.)

The exhibition wasn't extremely large, but it took me lots of time to go through it. The exhibits were lovely, especially the ones from the end of 19th century. Mucha, Toulouse-Lautrec, Behrens... I was almost clapping my hands from joy while watching some of the pictures, they were so captivating and beautifully drawn. I wanted to buy the catalog, but it was binded in a huge brick of a book and costed 68 euros. :( If I wouldn't need to move now every half a year I would probably have bought it anyway...

Eugene Grasset's November
Eugene Grasset's November
Pic from

This Art Nouveau exhibition wasn't the only interesting piece in the place. The building is huge and at the end of the day my legs were killing me. Still, I was also blown away with the Japanese Katagami stencils that people have been using to dye kimonos in the 19th century. It was unbelievable to see so beautiful works that were designed so cleverly that they could be used for an unbroked pattern. I got an urge to practice my Japanese again, I've forgotten almost everything I ever learned. But maybe when I have time again..... ;)

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