Tuesday, April 3, 2012

In Erfurt

So, I managed to move me and my few belongings to Erfurt and start my practicum. I've only been in the place for a couple of days, but I already feel like it's just perfect for me! The company does applications and games for kids in learning in mind, so called "edutainment". I guess through my astronomy interest I have pretty good ideas to give to that scene, too. :) I'm really interested to see how it's going to turn out to be. The office is very central and is big and spacious and the people are really nice. Feels great!

Erfurt is also a very pretty town, I guess it'll just get better when the summer really kicks in. (It's actually quite pleasant already, even if the mornings are a bit chilly, it goes up to about +13C during the day. And no snow. Thank god. Like there is in Finland. Even now.) I did a short walk around and found some places with prospects, e.g. Petersberg with big grass fields and nice views over the town. Very nice indeed.

Erfurt Petersberg
The northern/northeastern side of Petersberg

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