Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Laika Comics

When I went to work on Tuesday, my colleague said she had something for me. Then she gave me a small comic book about Laika, neatly wrapped in a plastic so it looked like some collector's edition from the 60s! :D I was completely blown away, but she just said she had seen the picture of my Laika Comic novel while browsing through my blog. (She also knows I love astronomy.) From that she remembered this book, because she knows the artist and has a copy herself. So, she asked a copy for me, too. It was even neatly dedicated for me with a pic! What would be more awesome!? :D


The story itself is not long, but cute. Even if a bit surprising... ;) I also like the style it's been drawn, it suits the style of the story quite well. And, naturally, I wouldn't be able to hate a cartoon if it has a picture of a Voyager probe! <3

Here are some other works from the same source. :)

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