Friday, April 27, 2012

Playing with Blender

Somebody mentioned about 3D at work, and because I wanted to have a break from what I was doing at the time I decided to give Blender another try. Wow, the programme seems to have evolved from the last time I was using it at school. (Yes, yes, it's already some time ago...) Still, I was surprised to notice how much I still remembered! (Also thanks to the thorough notes I did during the lessons.)

It's actually quite a lot of fun. There are thousands of tutorials in the Net, so it's relatively easy to get into, as long as one has patience... This programme needs a lot of patience... (Especially with Windows XP at work.)

Here's a render I did after completing one tutorial. I actually only wanted to do an icecube, but somehow I ended up with this.

Blender water glass
Now I have 4 days off, since Tuesday is the 1st of May and we don't have any office on Monday. They have also forecasted more than 20°C for every day for a week. It's a pretty nice concoction... Nah, I guess I just sit at home and play some more with Blender. Maybe.

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