Tuesday, May 1, 2012


I often love to browse through the statistics of my home page. I really don't know why, maybe it just teaches me the way Internet works. Or then I'm just nerdy enough to get kicks from numbers. (That would be odd, though, my relationship with mathematics is still somewhat hostile.)

Anyway, the thing I'm really interested to follow is the frequency people download my fanart about Eisbrecher. It often surprises me to see, how popular some of the things have become. :) See yourself:

Eisbrecher stage: After Tektonten Papercraft added a link to the stage (or "paper theater") I've got frequent hits all around the world. If even one fifth of the downloaders would have actually built the thing, the band would be playing in quite a few households!
Total downloads after 2010: 544

Alexx paper doll and Noel paper doll: Good old paper dolls seem to be keeping their flair. I guess I could spare some time someday to draw some more clothes to them, on the stage specially Alexx seems to use some new stuff, too...
Total downloads after 2010: Alexx 239, Noel 137

Alexx paper doll book (English) and Alexx paper doll book (German): After the Alexx paper doll there were the pictures... This I consider pretty cool, too, since such fanart is already extremely specific and not all fans have similar humour.
Total downloads after 2010: English 79, German 101

Eisbrecher board game (English) and Eisbrecher board game (German): Like Alexx himself commented on the boardgame pic in Facebook: "das ist ja wohl mal der eiskalte hammer....." I dunno if he ever played it, but it does work. (I've lost the game already several times. Mur.) It is still frequently downloaded and I'm happy that both versions are equally popular!
Total downloads after 2010: English 230, German 230 (No, it's not a mistake, they really are equally popular!)

Eisbrecher font: This one is a bit newer than the others. It's not as popular as e.g. the stage, but I guess people do use it to different things, too. I hope they'll do some neat stuff with it! :D
Total downloads after 2011: 112

Paper dolls
The original paper dolls - with signatures. It finally paid off to drag them with me to so many EB concerts... ;)

Still, the most surprised I am about the thing which doesn't have anything to do with Eisbrecher. It's the interactive Flash animation I coded for our animation course. I was very stressed at the time and didn't even think I'd be able to pull it off, but in the end I managed to do something: Constellation survival kit: the Plough. First it was just happily residing on my pages, until Googlebots started to pick it up more and more frequently. Nowadays, if you google "the Plough constellation" with any Google it turns up on the first page... Talking about the power of Google! :)
Total downloads after 2010: 911

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