Thursday, August 2, 2012


Finland has a lot of coastline. Every Finn is also familiar with the sea weather broadcast that is playing daily in our national radio. I love the monotonic sound of the news readers as they dutifully state the sea weather bases, the current weather, height of the waves, etc. It's a very calm moment, almost like the time would be standing still. (There are many lighthouses that have quite exotic names, even if mostly just Swedish. I'd still love to go see some of them.)

Anyway, some time ago I had an unexplained urge to get a t-shirt with a text "Nahkiaisen tiedot puuttuvat". (Sorry, this is hard to translate with all the nuances.) This has been hanging on the coat hanger for long enough, maybe I'll continue with it later, but here's the first version. So cute.

Merisää t-paita

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  1. Hahaha, "Kotka Rankki ohutta yläpilveä"!
    Pekka Pouta is rolling with Juha Föhr in their grave, and either aint even dead yet.