Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Tripod Master

After a long trip I finally settled back to Tampere for my final year in TAMK. This year I should do my final thesis and to be honest there isn't much anything else. At the moment, I still have school 4 times before Christmas, about every second Monday! I hope I'll get creative... At least it started well when I saw a ball of green yarn laying around in my parents' place. I decided to try some crocheting, a craft which I've always slightly loathed since it makes my fingers hurt. Anyway, after about a day of crocheting I finished this adorable little Tripod Master. (Here is a pic of the original if you are not familiar with it.) It turned out much better than I thought, considering it is also my first finished crocheted thing ever. :) Hail to the Masters.

Crocheted Tripod Master

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