Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Interactive exhibitions

I'm slowly but steadily writing my final thesis for my studies. It is about interactive exhibitions, say, like science centres and stuff. I wrote few essays about the subject for my background work last autumn, so mainly I've been copy pasting my own work for the thesis. (Very convenient.) I noticed it was slightly tricky to find much stuff about the subject, so I'll put the first essay with all of the general stuff over here if anyone finds it helpful. (The ebooks pdf I posted here few months ago has already been downloaded 398 (!) times. You can never tell how popular some of your stuff gets... I hope it helps people, too.)

Interactive Exhibitions (1.4MB)


  1. Moi! :) Interesting stuff you're working on there. I was reading your post and remembered an article "Designing the Spectator Experience" I used in a Demola project. Perhaps you might find this source somehow useful/inspirational for your thesis, so I'll link it here:

  2. Hmm, interesting. Thanks for the link, very useful. :)