Sunday, January 20, 2013


Long time no see. After travelling around the world (Aussies and NZ), working over the Christmas holidays and all sorts I hope I finally will manage to write my thesis. In the sense it is not hard, I have most of the stuff in my head and just needs to get vomited out. I'm aiming at graduating this spring.

Winter in Finland is always rather interesting. First, I am always tired. I am one of those who need the sunlight to be awake. So, normally during winters I hibernate in some stasis between depression and melancholy, but during the sunny days (too rare on these latitudes) I get some boosts of energy. The cold doesn't bother me that much, even if my skin suffers from the dry air. Still, I kinda find those -27°C mornings refreshing. I like the feeling when breathing in your nose hair freezes.

There is actually a law in Finland about compulsory reflectors during the dark time. I never heard anyone got a ticket for not wearing one, but I know myself how hard it sometimes is to see pedestrians on the side of the road when driving a car. Personally, I don't like the hanging reflectors since they always get stuck and fall off. Last month I revived my old idea of separate reflector sleeves and handicrafted these things that eventually ended up to my jacket. They look pretty nice also during the day, since I think black jackets are rather boring. (That's why I bought the cap from Hunting and Fishing New Zealand in Timaru.)

Reflectors I made for my jacket

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