Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Knit 'n pose

This autumn I've got the spark to knit again. (No crocheting, I still don't like crocheting.) My friend got a baby girl in May, so I thought to knit some Christmas present for her. I've also made some socks and found some nice mohair mixture garn which with I'm making a shirt. A pair of socks I already delivered, forgetting to take a pic of those, but in this pic there's the first pair ever I knitted. (The heel wasn't as hard I thought, considering how much it's always commented on.)

Some things I've knitted lately

The socks will come in need, since next Sunday I should be moving to Lapland for the winter season. Will be as much fun as a bucketful of marsupials.

And here as a treat a picture of me in the regional dress of my grandma (mother's side). I never met her, she died long before I was born. But the dress we still have, she made it in the early 1930s. In Finland, it is customary that people in different areas have typical "party dresses" that have colours and patterns distinctive to that area. (Like the Scottish kilts.) This is from Ilmajoki, a commune in the Southern Ostrobothnia. And yes, my other cat was a dreadful attention whore that evening, he was in every picture…

Ilmajoki regional dress

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