Saturday, May 17, 2014


Everyone fond of handicrafts know how important it is to have inspiration. My mother has subscribed to a couple of really nice handicraft magazines since years and they tend to pile up in our corners. Still, nothing beats the feeling when there's a fresh magazine filled with ideas (and patterns to realise those ideas) which you take in yours hands to read. The problem is that when you want to do something later you pretty much need to browse through those piles to find the patterns you are looking for. Nevertheless, I still prefer the selection.

Today I bought some new magazine folders to sort them out, they are oozing over the edges of the old ones. I didn't exactly like the look of the folders, so I decided to do the thing I've wanted to do since ages. I saw it once in one of those magazines, but only got into it now: I wrapped the folders into old patterns. It turned out rather neat, and it's prefectly clear now what these folders contain. Lovely.

Patterns in patterns

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