Thursday, July 3, 2014


One of the courses I have taken part in this semester is Die Wunderkammer. It is about the Renaissance times cabinets of curiosities and we can create whatever we want from these specs. (The course is actually in the faculty on art and design, but in Bauhaus we can select one course each semester from any faculty we like. Art university, I love you.) I had some difficulties to decide what I'd like to do, but finally I ended up with something that goes quite near the original wunderkammers. I love their scientific ideas and presentations, so I crafted some small things that represent the old things - but with a twist.

Next week in 10.-13.7. there is the Summaery 2014 where our Wunderkammer exhibition will also be presented. If you happen to be around, please drop by. :)

Some objects I've made for the Wunderkammer course
Some of the objects I've made for the course.

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