Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Skirt out of old jeans

Even if we don't have the lessons anymore it doesn't mean that there would be less work. I'm slowly working with the projects that need to be finished by the end of semester (31.3.). As mentioned before, I have some handcrafting to do for the Textilica course. Today, I finished a skirt I made out of old jeans. I mean to decorate it with some stuff that's relevant for the course (I'll update later), so it's not the skirt itself that's important. But I'm rather happy I managed to make it, since I've never done a skirt like that before. (I won't post the instructions here, the net is full of them, just google if interested.) It came out better than my normal things, maybe because I did everything really well, like ripped the seams instead of just cutting them. (It was a great idea, I wouldn't have hade enough fabric left if I cut them!)

Weimar is the heaven for any handicraft freak, since there are so many good shops for this kind of stuff. I even bought some thicker needles for my sewing machine for this (I've broken too many needles sewing jeans). Let's see if the rest of my plans work as well. :)

Skirt I made out of old jeans

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