Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Jigsaw puzzling - again

As I've raved here before, I love jigsaw puzzles. When I was a kid we always used to do them, and later I've learned to love that meditative state when I need to totally concentrate on the pieces and find their places in the canvas. It's hard to find proper jigsaz puzzles, though, since I really need to like the picture before I buy the puzzle. I don't like animals or drawed / painted / cartoon puzzles. Sceneries need to have big areas of sky or other challenging details and nice colours and I concentrate on the puzzles that are 2000 pieces or more. (If the picture is really nice, I might do a 1000 piece, too, but then it needs to be something really special, like the space shuttle cabin puzzle I found a couple of months ago.)

Some people ask me what I do with the finished puzzles and if I'll hang them on my wall. I would never do that. Nothing is worse than a dusty old puzzle, glued together, with a couple of lower pieces already fallen off. And why would I glue my puzzles together anyway? I only buy puzzles that I really like, so I'm sure there'll be the time when I want to reassemble them. So after finishing, I'll just wait few days, take them apart and put them into their box again. Hmm, sometimes after I've played a bit. :)

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