Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Noctilucent clouds

Waking up this good old blog again... The summer is here and almost gone, but there are still lots of warm days to come. I just came back from my trip to Finland. I say "trip", because "holiday" would give you a bit false idea about the time. I mean, I have the idea that "holiday" means certain time (at least a week), when you just relax, lay back and enjoy the time when you don't need to do anything. Maybe just read a book or sleep. Well, I had a "holiday" last time in 1997. But it's alright, because I love to plan things to do when I don't have anything else. Still, this trip was a bit of an overkill. I had three family celebrations with dozens of people (one of them was organised by us), one astronomy camp and several astronomy gatherings. But I also spent time with my best friends and my computer (school work).

I was in Finland when the first dark nights started after the summer lightness. It is a great time, since the colours of the sky are so pretty. Even if we can't see stars that well during the summer there are lots of other things to see. Like noctilucent clouds. They are really pretty phenomenon, which still is not understood fully. Noctilucent clouds are clouds which form so high in the atmosphere (ca. 80km) that even if the sun has set on the ground, up there it's still shining. There were a couple of really pretty shows of these. Here are a couple of pictures.

Paint the sky with noctilucent clouds
One night I couldn't sleep so I painted the sky with noctilucent clouds

Turku Cathedral with noctilucent clouds
Turku Cathedral and noctilucent clouds

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