Monday, September 28, 2015

Heavenly events

Last night there was a lunar eclipse to be seen in Europe. As an amateur astronomer in Finland I've mostly got used to the fact that it's always clouded or raining when something interesting is happening. This was the case there this time, too. Most of Finland was covered under a thick blanket of clouds and there were only a few places where the eclipse was well visible.

For some really weird reason this doesn't seem to be the case in Germany. This year there have been several really exciting events in the sky and so far none of them have been unobservable because of clouds. (For me it feels unfathomable.) So, here are a couple of pics of the astronomical events from the past half a year:

Lunar eclipse on 28.9.2015
Lunar eclipse from 28.9.2015. Very pretty, but I don't like the term "blood moon". Somehow, for me it's not the case.

Conjunction of Jupiter and Venus
In the end of June, Jupiter and Venus (brighter of the two) got very close to each other in the sky. In Finland they appeared low in the horizon in the middle of the light nights, so it was a tricky thing to make photos of. Here it was much easier, especially when a happy blackbird came to see the event, too, and gave a concert on the go.

Partial solar eclipse in March
In March there was a partial solar eclipse and again it was crispy clear sky. We had some fun in the park while taking some photos and observing the eclipse with solar viewing glasses and filters. It was great fun.

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