Wednesday, September 23, 2015

In the Shadow of the Pines

So, I finally managed to finish my semester project. I did an interactive animation about some creatures one can encounter in the Finnish folklore: väki, haltia and ihtiriekko. It was a long road to get it where I ended up, and the thing still doesn't work perfectly. (I'm not a programmer, but it was fun to explore how it is done. And I'm surprised how much I was able to debug and achieve!) Still, all in all I'm happy how it came out in the end (considering it was only a one semester work). My teachers would hope I'd continue it for my Master's thesis, but I'm not sure yet. First, I'll just relax a bit. :)

Here's the documentation of the project. (Since it's interactive I can only post the documentation.)

In the Shadow of the Pines from West468 on Vimeo.

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