Monday, November 9, 2015

Eisbrecher board game update

For a long time I've meant to update my Eisbrecher board game to the current line-up of the band. Some time ago I finally managed to do that. So, the new version includes Alex (with one x), Noel, J├╝rgen, Rupert and Achim.

Eisbrecher board game band members

The board game is downloadable (as this version) from here.

In late September, Eisbrecher finally managed to publish their first live dvd. (Had long time coming...:) There's a lot of material in the box, and we also got our 1 second of fame in the Helsinki part of the documentary about the tour they did early this year. Let me see your hands! (Well, you can't see anything else of me than the hands, but Senni looks happy. :D )

Our 1 second of fame

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