Monday, July 11, 2016


After the studies, I needed a break, so I returned for the summer to my good old workplace, Turku Cathedral. It's an interesting place to work in. As a caretaker, I need to act as a church custodian, tourist guide, security supervisor, cleaner lady and a physician of the soul, let alone an archive master (for the people who are looking for their family's graves) - all in one post. Well, we seem to be getting rather good feedback this summer, so maybe we are doing something right! :)

A bit more than a week ago there was the annual Medieval Market in the market place next to us, and I took my friend's GoPro to the tower. (Yes, I actually have access to the tower of Turku Cathedral. One of the many benefits of such a work place.) I took a few hours time lapse, but the battery of the thing unfortunately died after a bit less than three hours. But still you can see the hassle of the Market as well as Paavo Nurmi Marathon (soon after the beginning) as well as the river boats. Even Föri is visible in the distance! I need to do this again some time with longer battery. :)

Turku, 2.7.2016 from West468 on Vimeo.

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