Wednesday, January 27, 2010

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Laika graphic novel

I bought this graphic novel "Laika" by Nick Abadzis some time ago from Stockmann. I had browsed through it many times there before and when no one else seemed to be interested in it, I bought it. It's one of the very rare books that make me cry every time I read it.

What I really like about the novel is that it's so well thought over. The facts are quite accurate (and the author stages everything that's not) and the storyline is pure and easy to follow. What I don't like in it is that the pictures are so small. Because there isn't enough room to the drawings, it looks slightly childish. That doesn't create enough respect for anything so professionally done as this novel. It's impossible to say if Laika (or Kudryavka) was so beautiful by nature, but the way it's been depicted here is so cute! I also like the Soviet feeling in the book, it comes out in so many ways from the colours and clothes to the talks and behaviour of the characters.

Laika is a piece of history of spaceflights. I think this novel pays great respect to that poor little dog which became a pawn in the armstice race of two big nations.

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