Thursday, July 22, 2010

More fanart

I start to get pretty fixed on this fanart thingie... The idea behind this particular one came to my mind while at work, and since I didn't have much anything to do, I designed the whole thing there. Yesterday and today I put it all together with the computer. So, now there is a board game about Eisbrecher. :D

Eisbrecher board game

I've been playing it by myself a couple of times and have great fun! Funny that, it actually works pretty well...

As always, the pdf file is for download over here.


I love my mother's loom, but unfortunately I'm not terribly good with it. I would love to learn to use it better, but it takes so much time and effort that I'll probably have it in my agenda for years to come. :P Still, every now and then (not very often) I do something with it. I have a dream one day to start weaving wall rugs, but we'll see when that happens. (The biggest stop with me is that all of the materials are so expensive for the stingy me.)

Anyway, I don't even remember when did I start this table cloth, but I only finished the ends a couple of weeks ago. I love the colours, they make me think of sea in moonlight...

Desk cloth I made with my mom's loom

Friday, July 16, 2010

Summer heat

It's been pretty much too hot to do anything coherent lately. I'm not a big fan of high summer, I enjoy August and September much more - not only because the stars come visible again here in Finland at that time. I have lots of ideas at the moment, but no time to pursue them. I wish it'll get better soon.

My cats, Tahvo and Tiltu, prove that there is excess hot air around. They don't have any energy to play...



Thursday, July 8, 2010

Flat out!

I worked pretty flat out during most of the June. Actually, I only now came back home (since my work is in another town). I was a bit worried if my stuff was ok, since I hadn't been home for a month, but everything looks good. I need to find another place to live, though, since the girl I rented this room from comes back to continue her studies. I hope I'll find a suitable place soon, I tend to stress about such things in the run of time.

During the work days, I haven't have time/energy/inspiration to do anything creative. Most of our full-timers were having their holidays at the same time, so e.g. during the midsummer and Medieval Festival I did 9h days many times in a row. No wonder I was pretty dead in the end. I hope it'll be better now, at least the roster looks a bit more humane now. :) But I do miss ideas and creativity. I wish I could have about three weeks off (without worrying about money) and just do what I would like. But then again, I know I would start to expect some big things from myself, so I guess it's better to go on as it is.

Today, I did manage to put together all the pics I've made so far with the Alexx paper doll. The pdf-file is here.


Ich habe schon viele Bilder von diese Alexx (von Eisbrecher) Papier Puppe ich habe vor einige Zeit gemacht. Jetzt habe ich sie alle (die ich bis Heute gemacht habe) ins pdf-File gestellt. Die Deutsche Ausgabe gibt's hier zum Laden.