Thursday, December 30, 2010

ABCDEFG... should know how it goes on. (If not, check your ABC-book.)

The December came and went and boy I'm glad it's over. This autumn has been one of the roughest for a long time, I hope I'm able to gather myself up. But I'm optimistic for a change, and kinda proud that I'm still alive and kicking. (I just got a text from my best friend, she just wanted to say I'm important to her. Two of the people she knows has committed suicide in the near past and one is still in hospital after a try.) The toughest part in life is that everyone needs to make their own luck. Even when it seems impossible. :/ I'm just happy that I feel like I've learned something from my personal pain, even when it felt overwhelming.

But anyway. Back to the alphabets. Designwise, the Dec went with the Eisbrecher Christmas calendar. Was fun, but the Jahresabschlusstour came and went and I wasn't there. :( Maybe next year? I did get the urge to finish the font I've been doing, it's based on the logo of... Eisbrecher. (Well, _sorry_, what can I do?! It gives me inspiration. :D)

Eisbrecher font sample

Some time ago, I started to wonder if the band logo is based in any existing font. I couldn't find any, so I decided to give a try to make my own... (I should never get these "ideas", I think I started this one in September!) So, first I cut the original logo into pieces and assembled the letters and numbers out of the pieces as I thought they might be in Illustrator. Then I drew them all over to create unbroken lines and transformed them to SVG files. I downloaded the FontForge programme, set each letter into their boxes (twice, since it's the same, capitals and lowercases) and then came the fun part: I had to separately set every character (and about every corner point) into their grid and look for mistakes - without really knowing if the thing would work outside my own computer. (I had never used FontForge before, I'm pretty sure I did quite a lot of extra work.) In the end I set the distances between the letters. For example T looks rather airy and alone if it's not a bit closer to its neighbours than e.g. M.

But I managed to get the .ttf work in my old Windows, so I guess I'm almost done. :) There are few special characters missing, but I feel that I managed to relay the feeling of Eisbrecher in the font. (I must admit, I first got the idea when I saw their ad video about the gigs in the summer. It used Bank Gothic. :P) Here's another sample:

Eisbrecher font sample

Yay, it looks cool! :D I'm amazed what I end up doing in the name of a hobby... (Then again, I think I'll squeeze a few study credits out of this, since we never really had a practical teaching about fonts at school.)

Edit: Eisbrecher font is now downloadable in my homepage's fanart section.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Eisbrecher Christmas Calendar

Those who know me, also know that I possess somewhat dry sense of humour. I also tend to have completely wacko ideas just by looking around and thinking about all sorts of things that could happen. That often results in quite amusing things (at least I tend to giggle by myself in many situations where other people don't have any idea why I'm doing that). Considering that it's December and I love Christmas calendars, I ended up starting an Eisbrecher version of my own.

Eisbrecher Christmas calendar ad

Here's the picture for today. Since I'm posting them each day straight to one of the threads in the Eisbrecher forums I won't put them here. They can be viewed in their original environment - among the amused (and hopefully not too serious) fans. ;)

Eisbrecher Christmas calendar 2.12.2010