Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Possibilities all around

I've been wondering why I haven't been updating my blogs that often. After some tedious brainstorming I've found out that I need a creative environment to be creative. That mostly means lots of my own stuff (especially books) and that I haven't been able to pull out in the last year or so. I guess I also demand so much from myself, even if it's just a blogpost I should write... But when I browse through my old entries, they are not that special! Just things I've seen or experiences that made me chuckle/interested, etc.

Tomorrow I should drive to Erfurt to start my work practice. I've been packing my stuff by my friend in Hamburg and am very proud that I can still pack them in just about 4 bags. (Remember that this is pretty much everything I own books and some random clothes excluded!) We shall see if the summer in Erfurt will give me new ideas. I'm a bit worried, though, since we are talking about the town where they just last week brought the "bratwurst flame" (cf. Olympic flame) in the occasion to celebrate the opening of the bratwurst season.

I did a short truck tour during the past few days and ended up at some stage to Berlin-Tempelhof airport. The place is not in use anymore as such, but they do some events there every now and then. I loved the textures of the place, I should really buy a proper SLR camera for use... But I guess I have to see how far the student budget will budge.


Friday, March 9, 2012


I decided to give another try to Twitter. Last time I didn't last that long, though, before I thought it's not really my thing. But maybe if I try to tweet more design-oriented stuff (e.i. like this blog), than maybe it'll last longer. :)

Don't hold your breath, though. Or open the champagne bottles. Maybe this is just a way to pamper my bad self-esteem since I've not done much anything creative for a while. Hopefully feeding myself in small bits to the masses helps the pain go away.

Btw, bronchitis is not funny. :(