Friday, April 27, 2012

Playing with Blender

Somebody mentioned about 3D at work, and because I wanted to have a break from what I was doing at the time I decided to give Blender another try. Wow, the programme seems to have evolved from the last time I was using it at school. (Yes, yes, it's already some time ago...) Still, I was surprised to notice how much I still remembered! (Also thanks to the thorough notes I did during the lessons.)

It's actually quite a lot of fun. There are thousands of tutorials in the Net, so it's relatively easy to get into, as long as one has patience... This programme needs a lot of patience... (Especially with Windows XP at work.)

Here's a render I did after completing one tutorial. I actually only wanted to do an icecube, but somehow I ended up with this.

Blender water glass
Now I have 4 days off, since Tuesday is the 1st of May and we don't have any office on Monday. They have also forecasted more than 20°C for every day for a week. It's a pretty nice concoction... Nah, I guess I just sit at home and play some more with Blender. Maybe.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Seven Daughters of Eve

I can't help it, I just LOVE genealogy and DNA, especially that mitochondrial stuff that can track your ancestors back thousands of years. I'm sometimes wondering what did my forefathers do, where did they live and what was their everyday life like. I'm devastated that I can't carry my whole library with me, I have several books over this subject (as well). For example "After the Ice" by Steven Mithen is a great book to read, I love the way it is written. (Part of it official, part of it like a novel.)

Still, my favourite book of the subject is Bryan Sykes's "The Seven Daughters of Eve". I took it with me the last time I was at home, since I wanted to read it again. It is about the theory about how pretty much every European are descendants of 7 women. Yes, total of 7. And proof to go with it. It is one of the best science books I've ever read and my mind always runs wild after reading it. (E.g. after finding Ötzi the Iceman, they were able to trace his mitochondrial DNA to his living relatives.)

Yes, biochemistry is one of my favourite sciences (just after astronomy, somewhere around physics, chemistry, geology, etc.). What would be a better way to relax than a book about biochemistry (in German) and a glass of wine? Or a book about prehistory?

The Seven Daughters of Eve

P.S. The new usability of Blogger update is faeces.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Laika Comics

When I went to work on Tuesday, my colleague said she had something for me. Then she gave me a small comic book about Laika, neatly wrapped in a plastic so it looked like some collector's edition from the 60s! :D I was completely blown away, but she just said she had seen the picture of my Laika Comic novel while browsing through my blog. (She also knows I love astronomy.) From that she remembered this book, because she knows the artist and has a copy herself. So, she asked a copy for me, too. It was even neatly dedicated for me with a pic! What would be more awesome!? :D


The story itself is not long, but cute. Even if a bit surprising... ;) I also like the style it's been drawn, it suits the style of the story quite well. And, naturally, I wouldn't be able to hate a cartoon if it has a picture of a Voyager probe! <3

Here are some other works from the same source. :)

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

In Erfurt

So, I managed to move me and my few belongings to Erfurt and start my practicum. I've only been in the place for a couple of days, but I already feel like it's just perfect for me! The company does applications and games for kids in learning in mind, so called "edutainment". I guess through my astronomy interest I have pretty good ideas to give to that scene, too. :) I'm really interested to see how it's going to turn out to be. The office is very central and is big and spacious and the people are really nice. Feels great!

Erfurt is also a very pretty town, I guess it'll just get better when the summer really kicks in. (It's actually quite pleasant already, even if the mornings are a bit chilly, it goes up to about +13C during the day. And no snow. Thank god. Like there is in Finland. Even now.) I did a short walk around and found some places with prospects, e.g. Petersberg with big grass fields and nice views over the town. Very nice indeed.

Erfurt Petersberg
The northern/northeastern side of Petersberg