Thursday, July 12, 2012

Tumult Hype

During my internship, I need to plan and produce an interactive ebook about water and its cycle for kids. For some time, I was trying to find a proper way to do that, since there are some tricky things involved when it comes to the platforms. In the end, we agreed that I should just try to do it for iPad, then I can try out the iBooks Author and see if it's any good.

There are already many useful interactivities built in the iBooks Author, but I find them somewhat simple. My colleague mentioned, that maybe I can use Tumult's Hype to add some widgets into the soup. In the end I bought the programme and have been trying it out a week or so now. And I must say that I like it.

The biggest problem with anything iPad related is naturally Flash. It won't work in iPads, so all the interaction needs to be done some other way. And that would then be HTML5. That's what Hype does: create HTML5 documents with JavaScript that can then be added to homepages or made into widgets. The good part is that the user doesn't need to know much about JS to make simple things work. The better part is that if the user does know JS, they can add the code directly into the document and go far beyond the default settings.

The programme is still very young and many features are not there yet, but for me it's very useful tool to do neat stuff with HTML5 (and to wean myself from Flash) without the trouble of pure coding. (This is not really an advertisement, more like pure joy that I've found a useful programme for myself that I enjoy using.;)

Screenshot of Tumult Hype
A screenshot of the project I've been working with.

Friday, July 6, 2012

George's paintings

Wow, June came and went without a single post! And I'm not even on a holiday! :P Oh well, at least I've been doing something meaningful, so maybe somewhere in the future I'll just post a couple of screenshots or something to prove my worthiness.

I felt down when I didn't have any creative to do at home, so I bought acrylic paints and some miniature canvases. George spotted them on my shelf and made himself busy. I had no idea he's so artistic, the results seem pretty cool!

Here George poses in the middle of his art.

George and his art