Friday, August 31, 2012


My internship ended officially today and next week I'll head back to Finland for one more year of my studies. It feels weird to think going back home, after year and a half in Germany this has become pretty much my second home. (Well, maybe third, after NZ.) I'm not terribly looking forward to it, but there are some good things in it, too. Like all of my handicraft utilities. :)

I enjoyed my time in Erfurt a lot. The work was meaningful and I was happy with the results. I got my water cycle ebook ready, when I have time I might put it here. It was 17 pages in the end, so no wonder I was busy the whole summer. Here is an excerpt of the thing, made in HTML5 for the book. (Click the pic to try it out.) I enjoyed finding out about the protozoa, etc. Paramecium is my favourite.

Thursday, August 2, 2012


Finland has a lot of coastline. Every Finn is also familiar with the sea weather broadcast that is playing daily in our national radio. I love the monotonic sound of the news readers as they dutifully state the sea weather bases, the current weather, height of the waves, etc. It's a very calm moment, almost like the time would be standing still. (There are many lighthouses that have quite exotic names, even if mostly just Swedish. I'd still love to go see some of them.)

Anyway, some time ago I had an unexplained urge to get a t-shirt with a text "Nahkiaisen tiedot puuttuvat". (Sorry, this is hard to translate with all the nuances.) This has been hanging on the coat hanger for long enough, maybe I'll continue with it later, but here's the first version. So cute.

Merisää t-paita