Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Interactive exhibitions

I'm slowly but steadily writing my final thesis for my studies. It is about interactive exhibitions, say, like science centres and stuff. I wrote few essays about the subject for my background work last autumn, so mainly I've been copy pasting my own work for the thesis. (Very convenient.) I noticed it was slightly tricky to find much stuff about the subject, so I'll put the first essay with all of the general stuff over here if anyone finds it helpful. (The ebooks pdf I posted here few months ago has already been downloaded 398 (!) times. You can never tell how popular some of your stuff gets... I hope it helps people, too.)

Interactive Exhibitions (1.4MB)

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Heavenly spheres

Some time ago, I went to Tiger - the shop where they sell all kinds of small things cheap. I normally loath such places (I'm not a fan of small decorations unless I make them myself), and now I went there only to spend some time. My thoughts were mostly "crap, crap, crap" until I saw one thing: a piggy bank shaped like a celestial globe. Well, there goes my determination not to buy anything. There are very few things that make me weak, but I must admit everything related to heavenly spheres and star charts do.

So of course I had to buy it. I'll save some money every now and then, don't know yet what to buy, though. Probably books. I gave in and ordered the book I've longed for a while now: Harmonia Macrocosmica. So, there is some inspiration coming to this way, soon. :)

Star globe shaped piggy bank

Sunday, January 20, 2013


Long time no see. After travelling around the world (Aussies and NZ), working over the Christmas holidays and all sorts I hope I finally will manage to write my thesis. In the sense it is not hard, I have most of the stuff in my head and just needs to get vomited out. I'm aiming at graduating this spring.

Winter in Finland is always rather interesting. First, I am always tired. I am one of those who need the sunlight to be awake. So, normally during winters I hibernate in some stasis between depression and melancholy, but during the sunny days (too rare on these latitudes) I get some boosts of energy. The cold doesn't bother me that much, even if my skin suffers from the dry air. Still, I kinda find those -27°C mornings refreshing. I like the feeling when breathing in your nose hair freezes.

There is actually a law in Finland about compulsory reflectors during the dark time. I never heard anyone got a ticket for not wearing one, but I know myself how hard it sometimes is to see pedestrians on the side of the road when driving a car. Personally, I don't like the hanging reflectors since they always get stuck and fall off. Last month I revived my old idea of separate reflector sleeves and handicrafted these things that eventually ended up to my jacket. They look pretty nice also during the day, since I think black jackets are rather boring. (That's why I bought the cap from Hunting and Fishing New Zealand in Timaru.)

Reflectors I made for my jacket