Friday, March 27, 2015

Principia Textilica skirt

As mentioned a few blog entries back, one of the smaller projects I did this past semester was a skirt out of old jeans. That was part of the course Principia Textilica, where we needed to create some handicraft with the help of code. I coded flower patterns in Processing and transferred them onto the jeans skirt. Here's how the skirt came out in the end. Nice. Now just waiting for the warmer weather to arrive. :) (If you want to see more detailed information about how I did the flowers, take a look at my course documentation.)

The jeans skirt with the coded flowers

Monday, March 23, 2015

Northern lights wall rug

This semester starts to be at the end and my projects are ready. The biggest work I did during the winter was the project with the northern lights wall rug: a rug (traditional Finnish ryijy) with fiber optics in it, that show the activity level of the northern lights. I wanted to do something crafty but with a wine that means something to me. I still need to add some fiber optics for the thing and play with the code, but at this stage the prototype is already working. Here is a documentation video I made in the end of the course.